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Welcome to The Bar and Pub Web! Cheers to you for visiting! * Here you will find all your favorite Bars and Pubs across Long Island and Beyond

We would like to invite you to visit all our favorite bars and pubs online. Many Bars and Pubs have gone to the internet to promote their business. They have realized that they can put their entertainment line-up online for all to view as well as photos from their bar or pub to show their patrons and/or interior design. The internet is also a great way for bars and pubs to post their specials and upcoming events. Internet coupons are another great way for owners to give their patrons an opportunity to save money as well as attracting new patrons to visit for the first time. Some bars and pubs contain tremendous history while others are looking to start their own history. This website was established to introduce you to all the bars and pubs in your area and to highlight those things that make them special and different from one another.
There are many types of bars and pubs and this website will help you to visit all of them online so you can choose the one that is right for you and your friends or date. Bars and Pubs throughout history have provided the "Meeting Place" for many people and today the internet is quickly becoming the "Greeting Place" which eventually will lead them to the "Meeting Place" if all goes well. Now when you finally meet the so-called right person online you will be able to browse thebarandpubweb.com together to pick the bar or pub that best fits your personalities or interests. Atmosphere and surroundings can play a major role on how well your date goes that evening. Picking the wrong place can make your date an uphill battle from the start, picking the right place can enhance your date and make it a special night that may last the rest of your life.
It is said "Variety is the spice of life" and there is a tremendous variety today in the Bar and Pub World. The internet will help you view them all. Most people are leary about checking out new bars and pubs because they are not sure of what they will find when they walk through those non- descript doors. Walking into a bar or pub as a stranger or new-comer can be somewhat awkward and weird for some people to handle. How many times have you walked through the doors and realized immediately that you dont belong there or at the very least felt uneasy about your surroundings but stayed for a beer or drink because you did not want to appear impolite. This website will help you to view the bar or pub before you walk through the doors and therefore reduce the chances of this happening to you again. Entertainment is the key to success for Bars and Food can play a major role in the success of a Pub, and now you can view their line-up and menus before you walk through the doors. Bands are important to most Bars and now they realize that posting their line-up online can help bring their followers in for that particular night and hopefully make them patrons forever. 
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  • Golf Clubhouse Bars
  • Niteclub Bars
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With all these types of Bars, Pubs and Lounges, how and where do you begin your search? Search engines? Too much work. How many websites list just the name and addresses? Too many? How do you find their websites? Cant remember their names. What if they dont have a website? Not likely to find them on the internet. The solution has arrived, Simply make thebarandpubweb.com one of your favorites or visit thelongislandweb.com and click on the link. We will be giving the bars and pubs that dont have a website an internet presence and we will be enhancing the internet presence of those that do have a website. It's all about networking and we have a tremendous network that is growing everyday. We invite you to join us as we grow.
This website will do its very best to keep you informed of the latest activities and events taking place in your local bars and pubs. Our Photo Galleries will keep you in the scene while making celebrities of the locals. We will keep you laughing with great pics of people having fun. Hopefully, you will come out and join in on the fun. Parades are big days for Bars and Pubs and we will be out there covering the fun for all to see.

We hope you enjoy this website because there is much more to come and we hope to be one of your favorites for a very long time. We welcome your comments and suggestions on how we can improve this website to be the very best it can be. Feel free to join our VIP mailing list, do not fear, we will not email you every week with junk mail. If, or when we do email you it will be something worth reading and will not clutter your mailbox. Our Newsletter "NEWS and BREWS" will be worth reading as well, and we hope you subscribe to it, its free!




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